Centrifugal Blower CX Series

We are a company offering its clients a wide range of Centrifugal Blowers. Our blowers are widely appreciated for their excellent performance as these have been able to deliver efficiency up to 85% and above. We can provide these in various material of construction viz. Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, (MS-F-RP) lined, MS rubber lined, or as per specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Our fans can be availed at competitive prices in two configurations Single Inlet Single Width (SISW) and Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) with split casing as an optional feature.In the centrifugal fans the air enters the fan axially and leaves the unit at a right angle to the axis.
The operating principal of a centrifugal fan is a combination of two effects. : centrifugal force and deflection of airflow by the blades in a radically outward direction into a spiral flow pattern. Centrifugal Fans normally produce more static pressure than axial flow fan of the same wheel diameter and the same running speed because of the additional centrifugal force which is missing in Axial Flow Fans.

Other advantages of Turbo Regenerative Blowers ventilators include :
  • Almost completely maintenance free Have a wide range of performance Robust yet light weight
  • Reliability - Built to last
  • 50/60 Hz Voltage range motors Low level of noise
  • Easy installation
  • No vibration, complete dynamic stability Pulsation free discharge
  • Simple and minimal maintenance Higher Pressure Ratios
  • Cooler Running Bearings
  • Longer Grease Life
  • 100% Oil Free Air
  • Suitable to environment protection Small dimensions

Centrifugal Blower CX Series Applications :
  • Drying out buildings - Ventilating/drying out buildings after flood
  • Dental vacuum
  • Filling Bags and bottles
  • Filling Silos
  • Fishpond/breeding pond ventilation - Enriching water with oxygen
  • Food processing - Degasification
  • Gas analysis
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners, central extraction systems
  • Lifting and holding parts using vacuum suction
  • Laser printers - Powder dusting and extraction
  • Letter sorting, enveloping
  • Packaging Machines
  • Paper Industry - Sheet separation, turning, transport, fixation and drying
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Soil Treatment - Extracting ground level air
  • Swimming pool technology/spas - Blowing air into water tanks
  • Textile machines - Extracting waste thread and fluff
  • Thermoforming
  • Ventilation of sewage treatment plants - Enriching water with oxygen

For the three phase machines the tolerance is +/- 10% for fixed voltage range and +/- 5% for regular voltage range.The single phase machines are designed with a +/- 5% tolerance. If only 90% of the maximum allowed pressure will be used for continuous operation then the allowed voltage range adds up to +/- 10%. The frequency tolerance is maximum +/- 2%.

Specifications :

Item Model Kw/Hp Capacity Pressure Vacuum In-Outlet Weight
1 TBM-YBCB-CX-65 0.18kw / 0.25hp 270-330 m3/hr 1100 Pascal 700 Pascal 2" 7 kg View
2 TBM-YBCB-CX-75SA 0.4kw / 0.5hp 420-500 m3/hr 1600 Pascal 1100 Pascal 3" 11 kg View
3 TBM-YBCB-CX-75A 0.75kw / 1hp 780-950 m3/hr 2400 Pascal 1700 Pascal 4" 14 kg View
4 TBM-YBCB-CX-100A 1.5kw / 2hp 1200-1450 m3/hr 3000 Pascal 2000 Pascal 4" 28 kg View
5 TBM-YBCB-CX-125A 2.2kw / 3hp 1950-2350 m3/hr 3700 Pascal 2400 Pascal 5" 38 kg View
6 TBM-YBCB-CX-150A 3.4kw / 5hp 2800-3300 m3/hr 4400 Pascal 3200 Pascal 6" 54 View