Centrifugal Blower Aluminium Casting Type

Item : 4 Model : TBM-YBCB-CX-100A
Rated Output : 1.5kw / 2hp (kw) Voltage : 220-240 (V)
Current : 6.7 (A) Voltage : 345-415 (V)
Max Volume : 1200-1450 m3/hr (M3/min) Noise : 80 Db (Db)
Weight : 28 kg (kg)
SuctionFilter 4"


    Features :
  •   Light weight, medium pressure, big volume, low noise.
  •   Aluminum alloy material, greatly reduce weight, achieve the goal of light weight.
  •   Design full close outer fan type aluminum frame, motor axis of special design, can be suitable for long time use, high temperature resistance 100°C.
  •   Special blade design, unilateral opening without blocking.
  •   Special air damper, can adjust the airflow, easy to operate CX applicable.
  •   The air inlet and outlet of the fan are designed independently, optional reducing pipe,docking use,the air outlet can choose four directions,the motor can be left or right.

    Applications :
  •   Printing Machines
  •   Burning Machines
  •   Plastic Extruders, Laminating, Film Making Machines
  •   Uniform Temperature Equipment
  •   Household Machines
  •   Dust Collectors
  •   Textile Machines
  •   Pollution Machines
  •   Hot Air Blowers
  •   Dryers Machines
  •   Incinerators
  •   Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industries
  •   Machinery for Cooling
  •   Woodworking Machines
  •   Grain Elevators

YBCB-CX-100A 2hp