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Twin Lobe Rotary Blower

Turbo Twin/Tri Lobe Rotary positive displacement compressors come in two models Twin lobe and Tri lobe type. They are engineered and manufactured by capable and experienced personnel in a modern plant with the latest Machines and also with latest tooling. Production is controlled by close inspection, tests and attention to the smallest detail. Reliable field service is maintained by factory trained personnel Twin lobe Compressors Range in capacity up to 50,000 M3/hr. You are invited to request information on sizes not covered in this Brochure. The Rotary Positive displacement compressor twin lobe model has two figures eight impellers rotating in opposite directions and tri lobe model has three impellers in each shaft rotating in opposite direction.

Turbo blower is one of the leading manufacture and supplier of twin lobe roots blowers and blower systems. Turbo blowers have unmatched quality and performance. They have been specially designed to deliver 100% Oil free air varying discharge pressures for application such as Oil free converying of gases and bulk materials, sewage treatment, liquid homogenization and for combustion equipment. Our In-house casting production and technical expertise enables us to custom manufacture blowers to suit individual requirements of various applications. A complete range of twin lobe root blowers is available in capacity ranging from 10m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr and pressure up ti 0.6kg/cm2 in single stage or any capacity with parallel configuration, Compact design, heavy duty bearings enables continuous operation. Turbo blowers are also available as special units with all necessary accessories.

100% Oil free air.
Generously sized bearing to handle dynamic load.
Rotary Oil sealing.
Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears for better life.
Rigid one piece graded cast iron casing for vibration free operation. Easy rotor timing setting through taper mount procedure.
Improved, efficient rotor design and precision synchronization for lesser slip and higher volumetric efficiency.
Alloy steel shaft ground to close tolerances for better fitment.
Simple, easy and low cost maintenance.
Better volumetric efficiency results in low operation cost.

Industrial: Steam Compression, Oil free handling of industrial gases, Non Combustion Process
Heating, Pulp and Paper Processing, Fluid Bed Combustion.

Pnematic Conveying: Pressure conveying of heat sensitive material, Fluidization and agitation of
dense powders and liquids.

Food Processing: Conveying grains, Dehydration, Vacuum Packing etc... Chemical / Gas Processing : Handing corrosive gases, non sparking applications, distillation
of vapour gas.

Environmental: Soil Vapor extraction, Air sparging, compost aeration, smoke stack filtration,
dust collection, gas disposal, mobile vacuum waste water treatment, effluent water treatment, Sand filter backwash, Sludge conditioning, Digester gas processing.

Other process Like : aeration in hatcheries, fisheries, fisheries, GLS Lamp industries, air knife and many
other applications...

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