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Turbine Blowers

Turbine blower is designed to meet the most critical application requirements. Each features as -impeller, mounting base and housing manufactures of aluminium for maximum strength, reduced weight an increaed corrosion resistance. The blower is constructed as a unit for mechanical simplicity and maximum structural integrity. The elimination of clutches, gears, belts and sliding vanes reduced periodic maintenance requirements while increasing reliability. All blowers' impellers are dynamically balanced to virtual eliminate vibration while increasing overall long-term reliability. All the models have a shaft oil-seal between the impellers and bearings as well as double shield bearing to reduce the possibility of foreign material in influx and preclude air contamination.

Turbine Blowers Turbine Blowers Turbine Blowers

Features :-

1 Suction and discharge silencers Reduces noise levels to below OSHA standards. Make it more comfortable for employees working near the blowers.
2 Die cast impeller Promotes smoother air flow and higher volumetric efficiency.
3 Dynamically balanced impeller Smoother operation. Allows vibration - free installation in OEM equipment.
4 Double shielded shaft bearing Better grease retention, Increased reliability.
5 Dust - proof shaft seal Protects bearing from contaminants for longer life
6 Motor shaft-mounted impeller Eliminates the need for contaminants for longer life
7 50 Hz. motors, wide voltage range Minimizes OEM inventory requirements.
8 Improved cooling fan design Cools the motor and blower. Quiter running and more efficient.
9 Compact design Space saving design makes overheating for greater reliability
10 Thermal protector built-in Protects the motor from overheating for greater reliability
11 Removable threaded flanges Easily replacement in OEM equipment.


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